Maximator Oxygen Booster Set ROB 22 / 280bar (4060 psi) - 180 NL/min*

Maximator Oxygen Booster Set ROB 22 / 280bar (4060 psi) - 180 NL/min*
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Maximator Set Booster ROB 22 HL / 280 bar - 180 NL / min *

Booster set for oxygen, helium and argon. Complete in a durable carrying case. The ROB22 set is suitable for portable use on expeditions and safaris and can be used as well in Dive Centers, Dive on board ships and diving clubs. The ideal set for all EAN / TMX and rebreather divers. The booster can be used for compressing oxygen, helium and argon.

- Booster ROB 22 with manual emergency operation !!!
- Two stainless steel flexible hoses approved for breathable oxygen above 30 bar
- Filling-Gauge Class 1.6 with vent
- Drive high or low pressure
- High pressure regulator (high pressure drive)
- Filter pressure regulator (5 microns) 0-10 bar
- Drive air connection low pressure
- Stable, dust- and splash-proof carrying case

Specifications Booster:
- Drive medium oil-free compressed air 1-10 bar
- Form least 50 bar max.. 280 bar
- Maximum output pressure 280 bar
- Pressure ratio 1:28
- Total volume (flow and return) 4,6cm³
- Maximum operating temperature 60 ° C
- Average delivery performance * 180 NL / min

* depends on Air Drive and inlet pressure

Clean, safe and inexpensive.

*You will receive the actual shipping costs with the official order confirmation.

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